Football Academy

Learning and practicing various football skills during structured training sessions a will support the development in terms of coordination and abilities. Practice and play football in a fun way!

Football Academy

Football for girls

Football skills

For who?

Our football academy is created with the aim to educate and develop the football skills and qualities of children, aged 5 to 12. We believe in the professional work with the players, where the appropriate methodic and fun are the main elements for preparation and development of the young players. Increasing the level of physical culture of the kids is one of the goals, that Amforca football academy is striving to achieve and we believe that is with significant importance in the current world of videogames and technology.


Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes.

The lesson structure can change throughout the year, but usually follows a similar structure:

It consists of check-in, welcoming the children & explaining the objective of the day, a warm-up, two to three main group exercises and a final match.

Specific lesson objectives 

The children will train according to a training program, which is designed to cover the main components of the football game: passing, shooting, dribbling and positioning.

Amforca football academy is the place in which the children can grow in a healthy, energetic and happy way, as well as to develop their personality and vital skills, such as responsibility, teamwork, discipline, dedication and will.


The players have the opportunity to participate in the Amforca Football Tournament, where the young football players can show their abilities and skills which they have learned during the trainings throughout the year, usually organized two times per season.

Football coaches team

Mario, Radostin and Yoeri are dedicated football coaches, who are helping to forward their experience and knowledge to the kids.


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