Our Team

Meet the Team

Mark Augustinus

Amforca-Sports BSO manager

Mark has many years of experience as after school care (BSO) manager. He is main responsible for our BSO since 2021 and his professional approach is very much appreciated within our team and the parents.

Jennifer Kaffa

BSO staff & Sports Coach

Jennifer is part of the BSO (after school care) team.  She holds a degree in sports education, she is very reliable and she joins the after school care every day. Besides sports and her care taker qualities, being positive and optimistic is her strong suit.

Mario Scutifero

Sports Coordinator & coach

Mario organises kids activities and he is always there for the team and for the kids. He can give various activities such as football, yoga, swordsmanship and more.

Daniel Maliy

Ninja & Dance Coach

Probably the best male street dance coach in The Hague! He is also very professional in teaching how kids can achieve next levels to become a 'Ninja'! Curious? Try it out!

Devidias Kumelis

Basketball Coordinator & Coach

Deividas is a professional basketball player at 'The Hague Royals' and he is a very friendly & nice person.  Last but not least, he is a great basketball coach who aims to get the children to like basketball and to understand the attractiveness of basketball, which is one of the most popular sports of the world. 

Robin Lok

BSO staff & Sports Coach

Robin is part of the BSO (after school care) team. She is an experienced Amforca Sports Camps & Sports coach with a background in gymnastic, volleyball and much more. She is very professional when teaching the children various sports activities effectively and in a fun way. 

Natasa Globocnik

Yoga Teacher

Natasa is always positive and she always motivates the children to keep on learning. Kids Yoga in a fun way!

Paolo Carenini

Allround coach

Paolo is the coach for a lot of our (kids) activities. He is always fun, very creative and he has various teaching skills.

Manni Zareei

Taekwondo Coach

Taekwondocoach Manni has more than 30 years of taekwondo experience.  He is the coach of the Dutch national team & has coached many European and world championships medalists. 

Radostin Kalchev

Sports Coach & Social Media 

Rado is a very reliable person, who helps the team and the children wherever he can: sports camps, BSO, football and other sports programmes, sports Birthday parties and more. Therefore he is an important pillar within the team of coaches.

Edgar da Costa

Basketball Academy Advisor

Edgar has many years of basketball coach experience and has been part of the team for a long time. Improving the skills of the kids is his passion! Since 2020 he is the team manager of the Hague Royals.

Marianna Romei

Gymnastics Co-ordinator and coach

Great & well structured gymnastics classes! Marianna is consistently working on improving gymnastics techniques according to the level of the kids. Already in the team since 2014!

Casey Lopes

Basketball Coach

Casey is a professional basketball player at 'The Hague Royals'.

Tom Ackermans

Basketball Coach

Tom is a professional basketball player at 'The Hague Royals'.

Karolin Valdmaa

Amforca Management & Gymnastics coach

The Hague University of Applied Sciences 

Karolin was part of the Estonian National Team of aesthetic group gymnastics and became 3rd in World Championships 2015 and 2017 e.g.

Ralf Forster

CEO of Amforca-Sports

Ralf is proud of the team, which makes sure that the children move, learn & have a lot of fun every day!