Our Team

Meet the Team


Amforça-Sports BSO manager

Mark has many years of experience as after school care (BSO) manager. He is main responsible for our BSO since 2021 and his professional approach is very much appreciated within our team and the parents.


Coordinator Amforça 3 & Football Coordinator

Sven has a lot of experience in coordinating sports activities & events and he is an experienced and certified football coach as well. Sven is the coordinator of Amforça 3, which is situated next to BSN Vlaskamp and the Overbosch swimming pool.


Sports Skills & BSO Coordinator, Gymnastics Coach

Robin is the coordinator of the SVV and Houtrust location. She has started to work at Amforça Sports Camps already in 2013 and after a longer journey of studies and work experiences, she is back at Amforça in the role of location coordinator since January 2024.


BSO staff, Sports & Boxing Coach

Billy is a very enthusiastic coach, who likes to share his passion for sports in a very energetic way. Furthermore he comes from a family of boxers. He is trained to the highest level of boxing in The Netherlands to A-B class.  


Quality Manager / Ninja & Dance Coach

Probably the best male street dance coach in The Hague! He is also very professional in teaching how kids can achieve next levels to become a 'Ninja'! Curious? Try it out!


Sports & Football Coach  

Rado is a very reliable person, who helps the team and the children wherever he can: sports camps, BSO, football and other sports programmes, sports Birthday parties and more. Therefore he is an important pillar within the team of coaches.


Basketball Coordinator & Coach

Vincente is a passionate coach, whose love for basketball sparked in early age. As a basketball players son, he has played in Spanish federation and many different clubs teams including Real Madrid's youth team. He is a sociable coach with more than 20 years of coaching experience.


Basketball Coordinator & Coach

Edgar has been initially setting up Amforça's Basketball Academy and after holding a manager position of the professional Basketball team of former The Hague Royals, he is back at Amforça to help building our first SC Amforça basketball team.


Yoga Teacher

Natasa is always positive and she always motivates the children to keep on learning. Kids Yoga in a fun way!


BSO staff, Gymnastics & Sports Coach

Nadine has many years of experience in teaching sports and also Pilates. She is responsible for the children aged from 4 to 7 at our after school care location at Amforça BSO Houtrust.


Allround coach

Paolo is the coach for a lot of our (kids) activities. He is always fun, very creative and he has various teaching skills.


Sports,BSO & Baseball Coach/BBL student 

Joey combines his studies to become an official care taker with working & learning in the field. Since he has already joined many sports programmes, Birthday Parties and other sports lessons from Amforca, he has already a lot of experience with coaching kids. 


BSO coach and sports skills coach

Leyre is a very sympathetic and friendly person, who is part of the Amforça 3 BSO team. We are happy that she is at Amforça, where her excellent pedagogical background helps her a lot in the work with the children.


Bootcamp Coach

Martijn is a certified Fitness Trainer A and B and holds various certificates from AALO courses including nutritionist level 2. He loves to share his passion for fitness and developed fitness programmes for children.


Taekwondo Coach

Taekwondocoach Manni has more than 30 years of taekwondo experience.  He is the coach of the Dutch national team & has coached many European and world championships medalists. 


Gymnastics Coach

Great & well structured gymnastics classes! Marianna is consistently working on improving gymnastics techniques according to the level of the kids. Already in the team since 2014!


Dance Coach

Danielle is a fantastic dance coach with many years of experience in teaching a variety of dancing and dance styles for smaller and bigger groups. She is the dance coach for the Amforça 3 location.


Dance Coach

Erik is a professional & still active dancer and we are happy to have this enthusiastic and very passionate dance coach in the team. 


Basketball Coach / Sports Coach

Eriks is very structured, and he is a very nice person to work with. He is a team player, his passion is Basketball and the children can feel that during his training sessions!


Football Coach

Luna is a football player, who works as football coach. She is mainly the coach for the girls football training. Her multiple language skills and her friendly character help her to have a good connection to the children.


Football Coach

Janka is a football player, who works as football coach. She is also the coach for the girls football training. Her football experience helps her to offer great fun & learning training sessions for the kids.  


Football Coach

Samuel is a football player, still playing actively on a good level and he loves to train the children.


Intern Sports & BSO

It is great to have Lindsey as an intern in our team. She is proactive and has a good approach when it comes to giving lessons to children.


Allround coach & multi sports talent

Brúno competed on a high level in Alpine Skiing and Windsurfing and he has also played football on a competitive level. His coaching skills, experience & multi sports skills together with his enthusiasm for teaching and sports itself makes him a great allrounder for the team. 


Football Coach

Karen is a football player, who works as football coach. She is mainly the coach for the girls football training and her goal is to develop girls football further and to make it a more popular sport.


Football Coach

Lukaš is a football goal keeper and he likes to train children in football, too. Eventually our academy children will learn some goal keeper drills and skills too at a certain point? 


Sports Coach & BSO 

Pigi is BSO coach for Amforça 4 and she is also very experienced with sports activities for children. Great to have her in the team.

Jennifer Kaffa

BSO staff & Sports Coach

Jennifer is sports coach and a BSO coach, who focusses on the sports skills classes and who is very appreciated as part of the BSO team. 


Sports Coach & BSO staff

Stavros is a creative and enganged PE teacher, who provides the children with various sports activities. He is mainly BSO staff for Amforça 4.


Sports Coach

Carlotta is a very positive coach and she joins the sports skills training.


Football Coach

Mauro supports the football coach team next to his studies at the university.


Sports Coach

Kevin is a coach with a lot of experience in scouting. He knows how to motivate children and he mainly joins the sports skills sessions as a coach.


Basketball & Tennis Coach

Alexandar is a tennis & basketball coach. 


Dance Coach & DMT therapist

Lily has her passion in Dance and Movement Therapy (DMT) and uses these skills to help stimulating children's social interaction, to enhance positive mood and to increase self-awareness and self-expression.


HR Manager 

Sophia is taking care of Amforça's HR tasks and she is also developing the HR section further in this growing phase of the company. 


Amforca Administration & Management

Karolin was part of the Estonian National Team of aesthetic group gymnastics and became 3rd in World Championships 2015 and 2017 e.g.


CEO of Amforca-Sports

Ralf is proud of the team, which makes sure that the children move, learn & have a lot of fun every day! He loves the fact, that the team members come from more than 10 different countries - a truly international team.