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Amforça-Sports BSO

Amforça Kids Club 

Laan van Poot 38-C

2566 EC Den Haag

Phone number or email address

+31 (0)70 2210664

KvK 51956330

BTW  NL850240864B01

Amforca-Sports BSO B.V.:

LRK nummer SVV: 114975279

LRK Houtrust: 160357159

LRK Amforça 3: 910196989

LRK Amforça 4: 173650648

HOW TO FIND US (Amforça - Sports BSO SVV & Houtrust):

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Amforça 3 next to BSN Vlaskamp

Amforça 2 at Houtrust sports hall

Amforça 4 at International Waldorf School