Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions (BSO, kids Club & Sports Camps)

· Definitions

1.1 Amforca: Amforca-Sports, Health & Lifestyle B.V. is the organization providing sports and sports camp services.

1.2 Amforca BSO: Amforca BSO is part of Amforca offering after-school and out-of-school childcare in combination with sports activities provided by Amforca. BSO is offered for children from the age of 4 to 12 years old.

1.3 Kids Club: Amforca-Sports service offering after-school activity without childcare.

· Services

2.1 BSO: Amforca BSO is a sport after school care and out of school care. Out of school care is offered in combination with sports activities during after school hours and school holidays.

2.2 Kids Club: Amforca Kids Club is an after-school sports club offering sports activities during after school hours.

2.3 Sports camps: Sports camps are Amforca B.V. services offered during the school holidays for ages 4 to 12 years old. The day camps are hosted at Amforca's operating locations

2.4 Birthday & Theme parties: Amforca-Sports organizes Birthday parties and theme parties, which take place on the weekends.

· Children's Admission

3.1 Children aged from 4 to 12 are admissible for all Amforca services including BSO, sports activities, sports camps & birthday parties.

3.2 Any special circumstances relating to medical or social differences regarding the child and causing the need for special attention should be mentioned when a child is being registered to Amforca's services.

3.3 In case of medical or social issues appear when a child is already involved with Amforca and these issues prevent providing proper care to the child or to other children, the contract can be terminated immediately.

3.4 Prior to signing the contract for BSO service, an admission interview will be held with the parents of the child.

· Registration

4.1 When registering you agree with our terms & conditions. Prior to registration with our services please read the terms & conditions and our privacy policies. If you have any questions please see the FAQs: https://www.amforcakidsclub.com/faq-amforca/.

4.2 Registration is possible via our website. It is only possible to register via those links.

4.3 Depending on the service, fees may occur to confirm your registration.

4.4 During the registration process personal data will be acquired in order to provide the services. All required data must be provided truthfully.

4.5 It is possible to only sign up one child per registration. To sign up multiple children, please fill in another registration form. Exception for BSO & sports activities: additional children can be added via parent portal on amforca.kindplanner.nl.

4.6 Your registration will be automatically confirmed right away by email (please also check your spam folder if you have not received it).

· Personal data & privacy

5.1 Acquired personal data will be used for service and operational purposes only.

5.2 In case of changes or mistakes in your personal data, it is important to communicate this to Amforca as soon as possible via email bso@amforca.com. or change it in the parent portal for BSO and sports activities as soon as possible.

5.3 Amforca-Sports BSO handles the data of parents and children confidentially. Customer data is not disclosed to third parties.

5.4 All personal data is secured and stored safely. To read more about personal data, please see our privacy policy:https://www.amforcakidsclub.com/privacy-policy/.

· Membership contract (Only BSO & kids club)

6.1 The membership is confirmed once the contract is approved in the parent portal kindplanner.nl

6.2 Each member (parent) will have personal login details that give access to the parent portal. This portal includes all details, information, contracts and more about your child(ren)'s membership.

6.3 The minimum membership period is 4 weeks.

6.4 Changes to the membership should be done via the parent portal.

6.5 Changes to the membership might change the contract and costs. All changes will be confirmed via the parent portal.

6.6 It is possible to switch days and/or activities, if available, within two weeks from when the request was made. The switching of days and/or activities is arranged by requests to Amforca via the Amforca parent portal.

6.7 Absence of a child from our activities can be marked via the parent portal.

6.7 Missed activities will not be reimbursed.

· Amforca Rules

7.1 In case of issues or conflicts, Amforca has the right to stop offering services until a solution has been reached for both parties. During this period the client's payment obligation remains in force according to the contract.

7.2 Amforca does not tolerate any kind of abuse, violence or bullying. In case such cases appear, Amforca will investigate the situation and in some cases require a report from parents of the children involved. Depending on the case Amforca can issue a warning or cancel the membership of the child immediately.

7.3 In case of any other issues related to a child that affects the service provided or endangers other children and/or employees, Amforca reserves the right to cancel the activity or membership immediately.

· Payment

8.1 BSO & Kids Club

8.1.1 Payments are done via direct debit. This is agreed upon when signing the contract.

8.1.2 Bank details are needed in order to set up a monthly direct debit.

8.1.3 Membership fee will be debited always before the end of the month for the following month.

8.1.4 Invoices for payments are visible in the parent portal.

8.2 Sport Camps

8.2.1 Before you complete your registration, you will be forwarded to an official payment platform.
There the costs for the sports camps need to be paid directly.

8.2.2 The registration is confirmed only when the payment has been done.

8.3 Birthday parties

8.3.1 Payment for the birthday party should be done in the full amount one week prior to the birthday date.

8.3.2 Payments details will be sent to the parent's email address after agreeing on the date and time.

8.3.3 In case of any issues with the payment, contact via kidsclub@amforca.com as soon as possible.

· Cancellation

9.1 BSO & Kids Club

9.1.1 To terminate the contract, cancellation is required with one month's notice taking effect at the end of the next month.

9.1.2 If a new contract is cancelled less than four weeks before starting date, an administrational fee of 50 € applies.

9.1.3 Amforca as the service provider is entitled to terminate the agreement in some specific situations in accordance with the (Brancheorganisatie Kinderopvang) Childcare guideline.

9.2 Sports camps

9.2.1 Cancelling 15 days or more before the sports camp starts, 20€ administration cost will be deducted.

9.2.2 50% refund when cancelling two weeks before activities.

9.2.3 No refund when cancelling one week or less before sports camp starts.

9.2.4 In the case of (negative) changes of the Covid19 measures in NL, the participation can be (partly) reimbursed.

9.3 Birthday parties

9.3.1 When cancelling a birthday party less than one week before the party 50% of the amount will be reimbursed.

9.3.2 It is possible to reschedule the parties due to unforeseen circumstances (illness, covid-19 cases or other). A fee will usually apply for rescheduling.

· Communication

10.1 All communications go through the following email addresses depending on the service: info@amforca.com; kidsclub@amforca.com; bso@amforca.com or esh@amforca.com.

10.2 Any other email addresses or variations are not from Amforca-Spots and should therefore not be trusted.

10.3 For BSO and kids club purposes, partial communications go via parent portal kindplanner.nl.

10.4 In addition to emails, thr Mailchimp.com platform is used to send newsletters, updates and promotions. It is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

10.5 Personal data that is given to Amforca for communication purposes is stored and handled in a secure way and not revealed to third parties. See our privacy policy to read further about which data is gathered and how it is stored: https://www.amforcakidsclub.com/privacy-policy/

· Rates

11.1 Amforca has the right to periodically alter its rates. Any changes will be communicated in writing and at least one month prior to becoming effective.

11.2 All Amforca-Sports service fees are subject to change. These changes will be updated on our website and communicated via email.

· Insurances and liability

12.1 Amforca-Sports has professional liability insurance, which helps Amforca with claims such as bodily injury and property damage. All activities, organized by Amforca, fall under the responsibility of Amforca.

12.2 Freelancers working for Amforca have required professional liability insurance and they need to provide a copy of it to Amforca to ensure maximum professionalism and protection for all parties.

12.3 Parents are liable for damages caused by their children towards Amforca BSO personal and property.

· Disputes

13.1 All agreements entered by Amforca are subject to Dutch law.

13.2 All complaints are handled according to Amforca's complaint procedure. Any complaints can be communicated to the BSO manager Mark Augustinus at Amforca's location or via email at bso@amforca.com.