Amforça Summer Event 

Sunday 11.6.2023

The children deserve to celebrate after participating another season successfully! Tournaments, a show, games, fun activities and food round up a year of doing a lot of sports and following a lot of training sessions!

Schedule Amforça Summer Event

9:30 h - 09:45 h: arrival

10:00 h - 10:45 h: opening ceremony & opening show including live performances!

11:00 h - 14:00 h: 

- Football Tournament (various age groups)

- Basketball Tournament (various age groups)

- Fun Fair

- Various sports clinics, fun activities and prizes to win

- Lottery with great prizes

- There will be Pizza, French fries, Ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, coffee for the parents, which can be purchased during the day. 

Coins can be purchased already before hand to avoid big cues!