First bi-lingual Sports After School Care of The Netherlands

Amforca-Sports BSO

Amforca-Sports BSO is the first bilingual sports after school care and out of school care of The Netherlands.


  • Location

Laan van Poot 38C, 2566 EC Den Haag.

Amforca-Sports BSO operates in SVV Scheveningen sports club's VIP/sponsors rooms. The location is officially checked and accepted by the Dutch authorities as a daycare location.

  • Rooms

The room is big and bright with big windows viewing at the main football field of SVV Scheveningen. The main room provides space for playing, drawing and so on. A smaller quiet room is available to do homework.

  • Capacity

Amforca-Sports BSO has room for 34 children in total. However, we have decided to start with a maximum of 30 children. Maximum of 11 children per one care-taker. Additionally, we have more sports coaches at the location to look over the children.

  • Government subsidy

Booking 52, 45 or 40 weeks of after school care including the sports club activities will get you the credit from the government.

Booking a sport in the afternoon with a direct parent pick-up after the sports activity and therefore without registering for the after school care will not allow to get the credits.


  • Activities included

The existing sports lessons will be implemented in the sports after school care as well, so your child will choose one of those sports activities. For the Wednesdays, there will be general outdoor sports activities and also adventure activities in the dunes nearby for the after school care children and we might add new regular programmes for that days as well.

  • Price

The sports activities are included in the price, which makes this concept special.

Your child can choose a sport, but once you have chosen an activity, we would like the children to commit to one sport for at least 10 times (around 3 months) or ideally longer since our idea is to promote the structure and the effect of learning, because this is what the word 'training' stands for: regular training will help to get better.

Of course, there is always the chance to switch in general when there is a good reason for it (also within these 3 months):

a) if your child really thinks that she/he likes something else more

b) if your child seems to fit better to another sport or group or age group and if a switch is also suggested by our coaches, for example.