Location Amforça 1 at Laan van Poot 38C at SVV Scheveningen


This location is situated in walking distance to the European School, directly at the Houtrust sports facilities and SVV Scheveningen area.

Amforça makes use of the sports hall, multifunctional room, tennis fields, football fields and some other rooms at sports hall Houtrust area. For football and other lessons we use the facilities and the football field of SVV Scheveningen. Dunes, the woods and the beach are in walking distance.


The facility of Amforça-Sports BSO at SVV is big and bright with big windows with view at the main football field of SVV Scheveningen. The main room provides space for playing, drawing and so on. A smaller quiet room is available to do homework. The children from 7-12 years will making use of this facility. Here at Amforça 1, children come in contact with exercise and playing sports in a playful way. Amforça-Sports BSO offers after school care for children from 7 to 12 years (4-7 is at Amforça 2 and very close by) and a sports academy with various sports programmes and other activities. Parents can either opt for a sports academy sign up only, or they can opt for the after school care (Dutch: BSO), which gives all the benefits of an after school care such as food & snacks, pick-up until 18:30 h, holiday care, Dutch childcare benefit and it includes one of our structured activities or sports lessons each day as well. 

Amforça Holidays / School holidays

During school holidays our out of school care programme takes place at our other location in Scheveningen. There, we offer regular holiday sports camps including various sports activities and field trips throughout the week.FYI: Amforça is closed in the first two weeks of August and during the Christmas holidays.


Regular after school care programme with implemented sports lessons and other activities in the sports after school care schedule, so your child joins one of these regular activities every day. 

Amforça Academy & Sports  

Registration is also possible for the Amforça Academy including various activities and sports programmes only.