Music classes & private lessons (4-12 years)

Your child will have a great time discovering their voice, using their imagination and moving to our interactive children's music played live on guitar. Learn how to play an instrument and play music with others.

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Early childhood music education has been shown to enhance children's development in many areas including self-regulation, academic performance, social and emotional development, language development, cognition, physical development, and school readiness. Picture your child playing on basic hand percussion or other instruments as they explore rhythms, tell musical stories, and even begin to recognise musical notes through educational games!

Music Classes Objectives

The lessons are around 70 minutes. The groups are divided in age in 4-7 years and 7-12 years.

Contents of the lesson: Rhythm activities such as learning different rhythmical patterns and the difference between various beats.

Singing and learning melodies and songs.

Composing & improvising to stimulate the creative process.

Individual Guitar Lessons 

- 30 minutes 1 on 1 guitar lesson

- Chords --> learning first position chords and how to use them in songs) .

- Melodies --> playing simple melodies on different strings and different fingers

- Learning Songs --> playing songs together and working on comping

- also integrated during BSO time.


The aim is to make music together and ideally to demonstrate the songs,  instruments and abilities learnt during a little concert for the parents. 

We face this challenge with a combination of learning musical skills while making it a lot of fun for the children as well.

Music teacher

Vito Fiume is a professional jazz musician with more than 10 years of teaching experience.
With a degree in Music, including music education he has taught both children and adults, instructing a variety of styles. He has developed this special programme focused on exploration of sounds, based on his experiences teaching groups in Italy and the Netherlands.


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