The freedom and joy to express your character through fun and exciting moves

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The street dance lessons are for children between the ages of 8 to 12 who like dancing and wish to get better at it. The unique setup of the lessons allows experienced dancers, as well as those who never danced in their life, to find equal opportunity to grow and improve. 

Lesson structure

Each lesson is 70 minutes.

The lessons consists of a thorough warm-up that activates every muscle, usually in game format, followed by an explanation, (individual) training, and application of what has been taught. All though there are some reoccurring elements, each lesson still remains quite unique due to the vast array of dance movements and combination.

Specific lesson objectives 

The main focus is not to learn a group choreography, but for every participant to actually learn to dance. This is done by choice of self-expressing: by offering a broad collection of various street dance styles, for each student to freely choose which type of dance-movements they like most, to specifically train and develop those. In this way, the individual character of every student comes out in movement, and is valued and enforced for its uniqueness.


The street dance lessons use a development system that gives each child the independent options to track their improvement, choose which branch of street dance they wish to explore next, and knowing what they can train for themselves to prepare for the next lesson. Progression in this system also comes with special rewards (aside from becoming better in dancing).

Dance Coordinator & Coach

Coach Daniel is internationally working as a judge at breakdance battles, among which the European championship, he was a semi-finalist of Hollands Got Talent, wrote a book on objectively evaluating dance skills, and also worked as a dance teacher instructor for the Dance Academy


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