Basketball Academy

Basketball (7-12 years)

In 2021, Basketball was named 3rd most popular sport in the world with over 2 billion fans worldwide! 

                          For who?

Basketball lessons are for all children who are curious about basketball and love to play team sports. Lessons are for kids from age 7 to 12 years old.

Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes long. Kids will be interacting with each other and the ball the whole lesson.
Each lesson starts with a warm up which is followed by specific technique and skills training. Our coach Vincente structures his trainings in a circuit training method. This means each child will be busy the whole lesson and work on differents skills.

Lessons will be finished with games and/or matches such as 1x1; 3x3; 5x5.

Specific lesson objectives 

The objectives of the lessons is to teach childrenThe rules of the basketball game,

  • The rules of the basketball game,

  • Specific skills and techniques of shooting, dribbling, defense etc.

  • Coordination of the feet, hands and with the ball,

  • Team-work and respect within a team and more.

    Children will learn the basic and core techniques of basketball. The goal is to create passion for basketball and learn to be part of a team that works towards a shared goal.


Children will participate in matches throughout the year. This school year we are also hoping to host a competition for our basketball group with another club.

Basketball Coordinator & Coach

Vincente is a passionate coach, whose love for basketball sparked in early age. As a basketball players son, he has played in Spanish federation and many different clubs teams including Real Madrid's youth team. He is a sociable coach with more than 20 years of coaching experience. Together with Daniella and Deividas they form the basketball coaches team this season!


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