Kids Yoga (7-12 years)

Kids yoga relaxes your child(ren) after a long school day while stretching their arms, legs, body and mind. With yoga poses children improve body coordination, increase flexibility, and create strength. This allows them to develop self-awareness, cultivate mindfulness and form resilience in a playful manner. 

                          For who?

Lessons are intended for girls and boys who want to improve their flexibility, coordination and strength. Children from the age of 6 to 12 are welcomed in the lessons.

Exercises aim to increase self-esteem and to learn various strategies and techniques for self-calming and stress relief.

Yoga lessons are on Tuesday, 15:50 - 17:00.

Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes.

Each lesson is 70 min long. Kids yoga lessons are very different from adult yoga exercises. Yoga movements are designed specific for children. Every session has different focus. At the start, all children are invited to share their thoughts, feelings and reflexions. On this basis, the class enters warm up phase and focuses on breathing. The main part of each lesson is built around a story and playful individual / partner / group yoga poses, more challenging yoga style games. Lesson ends with relaxation, using props to encourage deep belly breathing, allowing both body and mind to rest.

Specific lesson objectives 

Lessons develop from loud to quiet, from fast to slow, from movements to stillness. With edges children are learning their balance. Through yoga games children learn to physically increase mobility, strength, coordination, while increasing their concentration, calmness and relaxation. Lessons also emphasise tolerance and helping each other, handling tricky or challenging emotions, developing listening skills and more. 


During the lessons children use mats, hoops, balls, pom-poms, scarves, yoga cards, books, magic stones, ribbons and more.

Our Yoga classes are a great change to all the stimuli that children get from external factors.  The children get taught how to benefit from the cultivation of mindfulness  through all those learned techniques.

Yoga Co-ordinator & Coach

Amforca yoga coach Natasa is certified kids yoga teacher and also breathing, flexibility and trapeze yoga coach. She is cheerful and always ready to have fun with children. Her goal is to create relaxing and non-competitive environment for kids to build their positive self-esteem and body awareness.


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