Gymnastics lessons at Amforca improve abilities such as flexibility, coordination, dancing and expression. In the lessons, different materials including mats, balls, ropes, hoops are used.

For who?

Amforca Kids Club lessons are for enthusiastic girls who want to improve their flexibility, strength, posture, coordination, dancing skills, expression & apparatus handling.


Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes.

The lesson structure can change throughout the year, but usually follows a similar structure:

Check-in & talk time with the children and coach. Warm-up Practising different skills. Learning a new skill independently or team practise time such as apparatus handling or practising a routine/show.

Specific lesson objectives 

The lessons combine artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, where children learn different body elements such as balances, rolls, jumps and pirouettes. In addition, different materials are used in the training - girls will learn how to jump with a skipping rope, throw a ball and handle a hoop. 


Throughout the year young gymnasts will practice a routine or a show that ties the music together with gymnastics elements & dance steps improving teamwork skills, understanding of music & rhythm and discipline.

Taekwondo coach

Our gymnastic coach Karolin is a former national team gymnast from Estonia. She has experience with coaching both recreational and high-level competitive rhythmic gymnastics. Her goal is to create a safe & educational environment where each child can find his/her strengths and develop a love & passion for the sport.


Interested or curious?

Please do not hesitate to contact us kidsclub@amforca.com

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