Sports Skills

Skills & Sports (5-7 years)

In Sports skills lessons at Amforca, we teach the children the basics of sports. We also use a lot of different materials in lessons - mats, balls, hoops, climbing frames, trampolines, rings, ropes and more.

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Amforca Kids Club lesson Sport skills is for enthusiastic kids of an age form 5 to 7 years old. They learn the basics of all sports and the CAEPS (coordination, agility , endurance, power and speed) in a playful way.

Sports skills lessons are 5 times per week from Mo, Tu, Th, Fr: 15:50 - 17:00 h & We: 13:20 - 14:30 

Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes.

The lesson structure can change throughout the year, but usually follows a similar structure: - Check-in, welcoming the children and introduction for the lesson. 

- Warm-up, usually a tag game, team game or a more general warm-up

- Learning new skills or training and improving skills independently or in a team practise time using many different materials.

- End game, usually something fun!

Specific lesson objectives 

Children need to learn their fundamental movement and sports skills at the right time in the right order. This is why we have designed a program including a curriculum which considers development stages of young children. Your child can discover what kind of sports he/she likes without any pressure.

The Kids Sport concept aims to:

- Help improve children's social and psychological development

- Encourage the creativity of the children

- Provide basic education of different individual motor skills in a big variety of different sports such as ball games, gymnastics basics, track and field etc.

The motto is: start early, specialize later.


Throughout the year, the children of sportskills aged 5 to 7 will have a different animal every week as the subject of the lesson. The animal stands for a specific goal, which we want to learn and or improve with sports skills. When mastering skills of the sport in the week the child earns a diploma with a picture of the animal.

Sports Skills Co-ordinator

Our sports skills coach Jennifer has a degree in sports education. She is reliable and trains the sports skills group every day. She has experience with giving lessons and coaching childeren in the sport. Her own sport is dancing. She provides a safe environment &  creates  educational lessons where each child can find his/her strengths and develop a love & passion for the sport. The whole sports skills team works well together to make sure that the children have a lot of fun, that they develop their skills in a safe & fun way.


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