Track & Field

Athletics (7-12 years)

Athletics covers fundamentaal skills of all sports & therefore is a great way to approach different sports and lay the athletic base. 

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Track and field is considered the queen of all sports. It lays the base for all sports your child might be interested in the future. 

Track & Field lessons are on Wednesday 13:20 - 14:30. 

Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes.

The lessons consists of a warm-up including  co-ordination and footwork, the main part with one of the main disciplines, and a cool-down.

Kids will be introduced to all main track and field events. Sprint, hurdles, long jump, endurance, high jump, discus throw, javelin throw and relay.

Specific lesson objectives 

The goal of the athletics lessons is to get familiar with different track and field events. The coach aims to teach the skills and fundamentals of athletics to develop coordination and find the strength of each child.


The coach will measure and keep track of the children's results and their improvements in the practiced disciplines. Once in a while, the beginning athletes join the official athletics track like the real athletes to do what they have practiced in the weeks before. 

Track & Field Coach

Paolo is a great & energetic coach with extensive experience. H ehas been with Amforca with many years and has coached all ages. The children are big fans of Paolo!


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