Action Hero

Action Hero

Since 2022 movie combat-choreography has finally become part of the Dutch cinema. This means more and more lessons like this will be available in Holland. We are proud to announce we are one of the first ones!

For who?

For children who are curious about what it takes to be a action movie hero. The lesson is meant for children between ages 7 and 12 years old.


Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes long.
We start with warming up and move onto different components of the training. These include the fun of acting, the physical training of a stuntman and the skills of functional show fighting styles.

Specific lesson objectives 

The objectives of the lessons is to familiarise children with 

  • Acting
  • Physical preparation and learning different stunts;
  • Different show fighting styles.


Dramatic action-packed scene's, or hilarious slap-stick humor will be the products of this class.

Action Hero coach

Coach Daniel was finalist at the Ninja Warrior Netherlands, he has traveled internationally performing as a stage fighter, and was a coach for the Calisthenics Federation Netherlands in the past.



Interested or curious?

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