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Additional Information

Please find some additional information regarding our programmes below:

The Taekwondo teacher is one of the coaches of the Dutch national Taekwondo team.
He will make sure that children move around a lot to make sure they can get rid of their energy
in a fun way - and of course everything with the focus on Taekwondo.
The programme is therefore adapted to the level of each group and child.

Artistic gymnastic for girls (11-14 years): the girls need to come on their own to the Houtrust
sports hall at Laan van Poot 22.

10 reasons that makes parents and kids say: 'Wow!' to our After School Programme at the Houtrust location.

  1. The children can enjoy the activities at a wonderful sports hall and at a brand new artificial football field just 500 metres from the European School and there is also space for the other after school activities.
  2. Professional trainers, teachers and care takers.
  3. We pick-up your child from the European School, from HSV, from the German school from the Nutsschool Zorgvliet and also from other schools.
  4. Structured programme throughout the whole year. The activities are ongoing. Once your child likes an activity, he/she can build up a certain level together with his/her friends on a long term.
  5. Once you have a spot, you become a member of our Kids Club. Your child can then continue with the chosen activity as long as you want.
  6. Easy rules: 4 weeks cancelation notice (to the end of the month).
  7. The children can choose as many activities as they like. 
  8. Easy payment method.
  9. We have an Amforca-Sports Kids-Club sports outfit which can help to create even more team spirit.
  10. We are really looking forward to it!