Swordsmanship is an introduction for young children into martial arts.
Is it your wish to learn the way & use of the sword and become a brave and focused Sword Master? Join our course and test your abilities!

For who?

Swordmanship is an interesting course for children to learn how to handle a sword and coordinated and become a fearless Swords master. Children from the age of 8 to 12 are welcomed to the lessons.


Lesson structure

The lessons are 70 minutes. Children will be using soft foam training swoards.

Every lesson starts with a warm-up which leads to the main section of the lesson. The children will be learning basics of Swordmanship including handling techniques, sword nomenclature, guarding and hands & wrist movements. Each lesson will be finished with practice of attacking & defending positions and learning of various combinations.

Specific lesson objectives 

The objectives of Swordsmanship are to create a safe environment where children can master their focus, coordination and strategical decision-making skills. The children will receive clear and safe instructions in order to have fun and improve skills like readiness, focus and respect, and will be guided to achieve an intermediate level of this martial art.


Children will have duels in pairs and fun games to learn how to respectfully work with other children. 

Swordmanship coach

The lessons are given by our experienced football, sports and swordsmanship coach Mario. He has many years of experience working with children in different ages and sports. He is always positive and can teach children to respect each other and bring out their strenghts. 


Interested or curious?

Please do not hesitate to contact us kidsclub@amforca.com

Or sign-up directly by clicking on the link below: