FAQ, Consent & Terms for Amforca  Sports Camps

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the meeting point and pick-up?

The children usually meet at:

SVV Scheveningen at Laan van Poot 38 C at 9:00h.

The daily programme ends at 16:00 h. After 16:00 h there will be pick-up time and free playtime from 16:00 h-17:00 h at the same location as well.

If the regular Amforca Kids Club after school programme is on during a sports camp day, the children can choose one of those activities on that day if there is a space available. These lessons usually take place from around 15:45 h - 17:00 h depending on the lesson. (FYI: There will be no after school programmes during official school holidays)

What does my child need for a sports camp?

Sports gear: Shorts and long sports trousers, T-Shirt, sweater or zipper and sports shoes (football shoes for the football camp would be great).
Wind/rain jacket and outdoor shoes are recommended. For outdoor camps a spare gear incl. spare socks is recommended. The children should take their own water bottle/drink bottle. Snack box with a little, healthy snack is allowed as an addition, but the kids will be already be provided with lunch and snacks every day. Sunscreen in summer!

Will my child/children get lunch, snacks and drinks?

The children will get lunch and snacks such as fruit and musli bars or sultana snacks. For lunch, the children will also get lemonade or water. Every child should bring a (refillable) water bottle as well. When the group is on a day trip the children will usually have lunch there. This can be pasta, sometimes a Dutch snack lunch (maximum once a week but we try to avoid too much fried food), pancakes or a healthy snack box depending on the day trip. The children will eat together with the teachers and the trainers.

On which days there will be the field trips?

At a full week sports camp the field trips are usually planned between Tuesday and Thursday, depending on the weather. The Mondays and Fridays are normally days on which the children stay at the location. Exceptions are made for the ski camp, for example. You will be informed in advance if the plan changes.

Trip day to the beach - will my child be allowed to swim in the sea?

For safety reasons the children are not allowed to swim in the sea when we have a day trip to the beach.

Specials / other day trips

For day trips to locations, which are not in walking distance, there will be a bus organized, which especially booked for the trip. For surf lessons at Surf's Cool a minimum of a Dutch swimming diploma A or similar and the age of at least 7 years is required. You will receive more detailed information about the necessities for these or other external activities depending on the activity and week. We always follow the rules of possible external providers or locations when being on a day trip.

Can I always sign up?

Be aware that you should sign up at least two weeks before the sports camps start to make sure that the registration will still be taken into account. After that there is no guarantee that your child can still be accepted. Anyhow, if the registration system still allows you to sign-up for a sports camp or mini's camp, registration is still possible in general.

Protocol regarding the Corona-Virus:

Starting from 1 July 2020, the parents from our participants are allowed to enter the sports club area of SVV Scheveningen again as long as they follow the general corona rules (the actual total limit of adults will not be reached with our group sizes). Please be informed about the general Covid regulations, which are regularly updated by the Dutch RIVM.

Protocol regarding the Corona-Virus: https://www.amforcakidsclub.com/terms-and-conditions/


By signing up for one of the Amforca - Sports camps, you agree with the following terms:

  • When registering for a sports camp or mini's camp, payment needs to be done at the end of the registering process. You will be therefore transferred to an official payment website, which will allow you to pay with using the Dutch iDeal or you can also use some other payment methods.

· Make sure to register your child as soon as possible but for sure, one week before the sports camp/mini's camp starts. After that there is no guarantee that your child can still be accepted. Anyhow, if the registration system still allows you to sign-up for a sports camp or mini's camp, registration is still possible.

  • The cancelation policy is as follows:
  • 15 days or more before the start of the camp: 20 € administration costs
  • 8-14 days before the start of the camp: 50% cancelation fee

  • One week or less: 100 % to be paid - no refund
  • If your child misses one or more sports camp days, there is no refund possible.
  • Amforca-Sports can decide to cancel a sports camp in case there are just a few registrations, but Amforca-Sports has also the right to cancel a sports camps or mini's camp for any other reason. 

FYI: this is very rare and it usually does not happen. We aim to be able to run all announced sports camps/mini's camps to make sure that one can usually rely on a registration.

  • Amforca-Sports reserves his right to have alternative special events or day trips. The weather, but also other unforeseen circumstances, can be reasons to change the activities or day trips, which were initially announced and planned for a sports camp or mini's camp.
  • Once the activity or camp is fully booked, this will be mentioned during the online sign up procedure - right after clicking on the chosen sports camp. You will be asked to choose another sports camp week in that case. When an activity is or camp is still available during the signing up procedure but if it gets fully booked during someone is busy signing up, this will be announced in a pop-up field when finalizing the registration. In this case this activity or camp cannot be booked anymore.


  • I, the parent of the child named in the registration form, hereby give my permission for my child to take part in the sports camp or mini's camp offered by Amforca - Sports.
  • I understand that there are potential risks associated with the activities and/or with the traveling to the external locations and I consent to my child's participation in all activities.
  • In case of any permanent or temporary medical or other condition including special dietary and medication needs, or the need for visual or auditory aids, which should be known about my child, I have indicated this in the registration form at question 'additional information'.
  • I agree that in the event of an emergency injury or illness, the coordinators in charge of the activity may act on my behalf and at my expense in obtaining medical treatment for my child.
  • I agree and understand that I am responsible for the actions of my child, and I release the organiser from all claims and liabilities that arise in connection with the activities, half day trips or day trips, except if due to the negligence of the teacher(s)/trainer(s).

I confirm that I have read all terms and the consent form carefully.

By proceeding and finalizing the registration of one or more sports camps/mini camps/football camps of Amforca-Sports I, parent of the child named in the registration form, accept the terms and I understand that I herewith accept and sign the consent form.